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Heart-Day special...

2011-02-02 02:14:30 by DarkAngel244

So I'm not big on the whole romance valentines day crap, but other people are, and what modern reference do people tie into this occasion more than sex? None...So enjoy the sexy ( and in one case quite lewd ) specials BEFORE the dreaded cute holiday approaches. BWAHAHAHA....

Fiddle, fiddle...

2010-12-26 22:57:01 by DarkAngel244

Around with CS5...hmm....took a while to learn all the commands and controls but I finally got the hang of this program x3 perhaps I'll try my hand at an actual flash game instead of a gadget?

Eesh, looks like i havent been on for a good while....blame my college...still drawing though, so possible expect more pictures (( and better ones )) coming soon...or as soon as it can get will all the freakin' homework.


2010-02-16 00:58:15 by DarkAngel244

Since I am currently void of all ideas at the moment, I suppose it would'nt hurt to ask for some. I'm seeking ACTUAL suggestions and not trolling comments =/ please, have some degree of maturity and give me an actual suggestion. I would prefer the ideas to not be sexually outrageous or valentines day related....Any ideas? Btw happy valentines day and junk.


Ive Recovered

2009-12-15 15:50:36 by DarkAngel244

Had been sick for a while =o now im back =3 new drawings posted ^^


2009-10-07 04:51:12 by DarkAngel244

ah, my favorite holiday other than, still waiting on my new phone though, so until then NO PICTURES.....should have my phone within a matter of days however, so it wont be forever....while impatiently waiting for the UPS truck to throw a box at my door with my precious phone in it, enjoy a gory picture i drew over paint.


I think the title speaks for itself when it speaks for this picture....Id post this in the art forum if not for their rule on 'tasteful nudity'....yes there is a rule, but anyways....I thought I would plaster my piece of art up here in a sense of pride. Enjoy....

Possibly the sexiest picture of them all...?

Return of the Neko

2009-09-20 16:40:28 by DarkAngel244

ah, im back sooner than I kicked out of bootcamp, but the reason was just simply stupid....

ok, I got a prescription for asprin during my 2nd or 3rd week in, because your going to need it in bootcamp....well....I was prescribed too high of a dosage, and if you dont know about asprin, then heres a fun fact: it thins your blood....well...I took my prescription at night, and in the morning we had to do PT runs....clumsy me fell on the pt track and bled....imagine how thin blood can affect this.

well, long story short I was sent to the ER and was accused of 'over dosing' on asprin....because of course nobody is going to believe a trainee....this makes me sick, but atleast im home I suppose....


2009-08-09 00:30:20 by DarkAngel244

Im going to be gone for about 8 weeks starting Augusut 11...its for bootcamp, so there might not be any new drawings for a loooooooooong sorry for the inconvinience but this is only temporary ^^;;

Male character?

2009-07-22 20:09:40 by DarkAngel244

Ok, ive put a little thought into this, and some viewers have suggested that I introduce a male character into my Ive decide to give it a shot...the next picture I submit will have a male character included